According to a recent report sees British Columbia Lottery Corporation for more slot machines. They believe that the risk Courtenay gaming center could use more slot machines to keep their patrons happy and to bring in more revenue. They are considering to approve an additional 25 slot machines for gaming center to use.

The coordinator of business development for playtime Community Gaming Centers, Inc. – owners of the risk Courtenay – Arthur Villa said that the lottery was considering their request and they seem to solts games think that they have a pretty good chance of getting approval. Lottery corporation felt it was a good request but gaming center has now figure out where to put the new slot machines. There is talk, they can remove some of the existing bingo games to make room for slot machines, but first they have to wait and see what the local host government says that they need to change their laws and to allow for the middle has more than 100 slot machines on premises. Playtime hope that they see the need for change in the statutes and that they understand that this is not just about additional income-it is also about that they have waiting lines for the slots, the slots online offer. They believe that their clients would be most appreciative of the change. More than 700 people have already signed a petition that they want the limit removed; they have now just wait and see what happens.



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