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Casino owners in Atlantic City are used to getting what they want when it comes to the government. Laws such as the recent smoking ban do not apply at the casinos because of the influence the casino owners have over local government.

Now, these casino owners may not have to be as discreet in their governmental persuasion. New Jersey lawmakers have passed a Bill that would allow a casino employee to hold a public office in the the city.

Originally, casino employees were banned from holding office because the government was afraid that the industry would have too much political power. They have backed off of that stance in recent years after governmental scandals have been exposed.

“This is going to create a bad precedent in Atlantic City. They (casino owners) already are perceived by many to have control over local government, and now, with their workers in office, that fear will be substantiated,” said observer Henry Trubular.

Trubular did not stop there, he also voiced his concern of whether a city official would remove themselves from important votes if they had to do with the casino industry. That is a concern that has not been addressed within the new Bill.

State legislators are taking the chance of that happening because they feel their pool of candidates in the city has shrunk too small. They are looking to get new, fresh faces into local government to try and stay away from the scandals of the recent past.

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