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Aces Wired still believes they have done nothing illegal in their Amusement Centers in Texas. They were the subject of a raid back in May in which authorities confiscated eight liner slot machines from Aces Amusement Center No.5.

The fallout from that raid continued on Friday when fourteen people who worked for Aces Wired were indicted on illegal gambling charges. The company, however, believes that none of the people indicted will be convicted.

“The state’s investigation fails to understand how our electronic game-Amusement With Prize-technology fully complies with state law by rewarding players with prize points that can only be redeemed for non cash merchandise prizes,” said Aces Wired CEO Kenneth Griffith, in a statement.

The charges that were brought up on Friday are the usual procedure of the state in gambling cases. They ranged from organized criminal activity to tampering with evidence. Many of the defendants were also charged with conducting an illegal gambling operation.

Authorities around the US have been cracking down on illegal gambling machine operations. This raid, however, is different than most others. Police typically raid convenient stores or bars where illegal operations are being run.

In the Aces Wired case, they were openly running what they believed to be a legal amusement operation. The company is planning on showing the court that their machines were in compliance with state law.

Gambling Ring Bust Lands Fairfax Tax Worker In Jail

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This is the time of the year when sports gambling rings are busted around the country. The authorities have spent all year undercover trying to get as much information as possible, and between now and the Super Bowl is when the arrests start to happen.

One of those gambling operations was busted up on Thursday in Fairfax County, Virginia. A Department of Tax Administration employee was arrested and charged with running a sports gambling operation.

Diane ThanhDiep Tran was arrested in her office this past week. Authorities charged her not only with the sports operation charge, but also with a charge of money laundering. The laundering charge is one that usually runs hand in hand with any sports betting related busts.

“At this time of year, we are going to see more and more of these undercover sting operations in the US. The police are very good at working undercover within these gambling operations, and then making headlines with these busts at the end of the season,” said Mario Plumarter.

Tran has been working at the tax office for almost four years. She has not been in trouble in that time up until the point of her arrest on Thursday.

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